Letter from the Executive Director


Hello friends, supporters, and those of you just discovering INNterim.

I am the new Executive Director of INNterim Housing, Every day I find new challenges and new reasons to admire the women and children residing at INNterim’s Sudbrook house and in the Garden Apartments.

To those of you unfamiliar with INNterim, we welcome homeless mothers and their children, many having experienced domestic violence or trauma.

Being homeless is itself a traumatic experience and the recovery is really hard work for these mothers. Their efforts are nothing less than heroic.

We have the honor of supporting these women and giving them strength to persevere.  Our staff works to create a living environment that is safe. We offer the help and services needed to regain independence with a delicate balance of high expectations and respect for our mothers’ decisions and needs.

Homelessness is a complex and difficult circumstance from which to recover.  Unfortunately the agencies we work with are unable to fully fund the needs of a transitional residential service like ours.

INNterim exists with the support of the whole community.  We rely on volunteers for many hands-on activities including tutoring or reading to children. But we also need financial support to provide the array of services our families require.

Thank you to the many volunteers for your time and the services you share with our families. And thank you to the many donors who continue to recognize the critical needs of our homeless mothers and children.


John D. Herron MSW, MBA

Executive Director