Success Stories

Residents in INNterim programs have been hired in a variety of jobs, including:

  •       Accountant – Morgan State University
  •       Bus Driver – Baltimore County Public Schools
  •       Finance Officer – Woodstock Job Corps
  •       Financial Aid Officer – Community College of Baltimore County
  •       General Nursing Assistant –  Rosewood Center and Northwest Hospital

Our residents turn their lives around!

Read a few of our success stories ~

Nikki’s Story

Sitting in front of the Maryland Science Center, Nikki choked back tears as she told her three children that they were homeless and would be staying in a shelter until she could get things together. While she didn’t quite know how she was going to get things together, she did know that INNterim was a good place for her to start.

Upon entering the program, Nikki was receiving Temporary Cash Assistance from the state. She had 32 random college credits in an undeclared major, no childcare and a car that wouldn’t maintain a charge. When they arrived, each child received a small toy that was “just for them.”  Nikki just smiled and mouthed, “thanks.”

The first night was the hardest; sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, constant pangs of guilt, fighting the desire to return to a volatile home and withstand abuse for the sake of her family and the fear of the unknown – what tomorrow would bring. While adjustment took some time, the family began to stabilize.

As a plan took shape, sleep returned. The children transferred to a new school and met new friends. With extensive case management and supportive services, Nikki was able to receive the intensive care that she needed to overcome her unhealthy addiction to her abuser and began executing plans for her family’s future.

In addition to having a safe and stable residence, her specific supportive services included domestic violence counseling; self-worth building exercises and confirmations; a mental health referral; employment counseling; and training in life skills, financial and crisis management.

Nikki reclaimed her life and enrolled in Morgan State University’s accounting program. Two weeks into the semester, it became apparent that she needed a new starter for her car. A call to an INNterim Housing & Family Services donor got a new starter so that she could return to class. Nikki graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting. A local college hired her at an annual salary of $40,000.

Today, Nikki has a new car and is paying full market rent on her first apartment. She is very grateful for her time at INNterim and the services that she received.

Aisha’s Story

Aisha once had a happy life.  She was married, living in her own home, and had a career she enjoyed.  Unfortunately, a disabling injury interfered with her career and her life at home began to change.  As her relationship with an increasingly abusive husband became unbearable, she realized she could no longer protect herself or her children.

She sought safety living with family members.  “They knew we had nowhere to go and they just threw us out,” Aisha recalled.  Her only option was to move to an emergency shelter, having exhausted all other possibilities.  She and her children lived there for three months.  They had to vacate every morning at 7 a.m. and could not return until 6 p.m. at night.  Her kids grades suffered and Aisha began experiencing stomach pains and headaches from the stress.

Today, Aisha is one of 10 families living with her two children, ages three and six, at Interim Housing & Family Services.  “When we arrived at INNterim, it was a real relief.  I found peace of mind with the help of INNterim staff,” she said.  “We felt safe and everyone there encouraged us to not look back but to look forward to a new life back to self-sufficiency,” she continued.

Now that they are settled in at INNterim, Aisha and her children are focusing on regaining their independence.  INNterim staff have provided case management and life skills training for Aisha and have ensured that the children attend summer day camp, receive tutoring as needed and participate in lots of volunteer-led recreational activities.

Joyce’s Story

Joyce came to INNterim with her daughter, Hope, who has Down Syndrome. Joyce, a recent divorcee had been evicted due to unemployment because her recent employer denied her Family Medical Leave. She lived in INNterim Housing for seven months. While residing in the program, her plan was to enroll in Baltimore County Community College to earn her Associate of Arts degree in  Physical Therapy. Her hope is to become employed as a nursing assistant for a health care agency. Her daughter is enrolled in special education curriculum classes in Baltimore County public schools. We are proud to announce that Joyce and Hope are now living independently.

Helena’s Story

Helena, while separated from her husband, came to INNterim with her two daughters looking for shelter and support. She is from the Czech Republic and needed guidance and support on how to obtain her U.S. residency and a divorce from her husband. With the assistance of the INNterim staff , she found the strength to endure many trials and tribulations while going back and forth to court with her husband. During that time, her school-aged daughter received a scholarship to attend the Cambridge School in Pikesville, MD. She learned to speak English profi ciently and became a certified business owner. Helena is now a permanent resident, divorced, and owns a cleaning business. As a way to say thank you, on Mother’s Day, she presented the residents and staff with several bouquets of flowers to be placed in vases and displayed throughout the shelter.

Stacy’s Story

After a violent altercation with her husband, Stacie turned to INNterim. During her stay, she took full advantage of our supportive services. She actively participated in life skills, parenting, crisis and financial management workshops. This training enabled her to get out of debt.

Within 15 months, the IRS hired Stacie as a 10-month employee. She also continued to pursue her B.A. degree in Theater. With the help of our Family Advocate, she secured an apartment. Today, Stacie is gainfully employed, has her degree and is able to provide a lovely home for herself and her children.

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